Monday, March 28, 2011

Magical Disney Reviews Introduction

When I was younger my mother  kept a diary.  Many of my young explots are recored down for future genraations to remember.  She recorded that when I die and go to heaven, I was looking forward to meeting the Grandparents I never knew and to meeting Walt Disney.

Disney films had a real special place in my heart when I was a kid as they always transpoted me to a world of fun and imagination.

For reasons beyond my grasp, I have decided to write and review the Disney live action films from the golden era of Disney Live Action Film making. There are other good films from the 80's and beyond that I include in this website, but the main concentraion is on those films made from the 50's - 70's.

While never on the quality level as a Roger Ebert film review I have tried to make my reviews a enjoyable reading experience that will give my readers (if there are any) an idea and guide to viewing Disney Live Action Films. It's not a perfect site and is always being fixed up and revised.

Happy traviling down the road of imagination.

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